Boy Scouts of America Troop 1097  Serving Gaithersburg, Germantown & N. Potomac 

Welcome to Troop 1097!

We meet Thursday nights at 7:30 pm at the IWLA Rockville Chapter.  The address is:

IWLA Rockville Chapter
18301 Waring Station Road
Germantown, MD 20874


Nestled in the trees is the newly renovated IWLA Chapter House where Troop 1097 meets.
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We use the lake on our property for new scout campouts, flag retirement ceremonies, campfires, fishing, and other special events.

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The Boy Scout Emblem

  1. The three points of the trefoil stand for the three parts of the Scout Oath.
  2. The shape of the Scout badge means that a Scout can point the right way in life as truly as does a compass in the field.
  3. There are two stars on the badge. They symbolize truth and knowledge.
  4. The eagle and shield stand for freedom and a Scout's readiness to defend that freedom.
  5. The scroll bearing the Scout motto is turned up at the ends as a reminder that a Scout smiles as he does his duty.
  6. The knot at the bottom of the scroll serves as a reminder of the Scout slogan, Do a Good Turn Daily.

Upcoming Events

08 Feb 2015 5:45 PM • Boyds Presbyterian Church, 19901 White Ground Road, Boyds, MD 20841
21 Feb 2015 • The Catholic University of America
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